Great People

Our Values

Our values reflect how we work together to deliver great taste

We approach our work with pace and passion. Our resourcefulness, creativity and desire to succeed allows us to achieve what others cannot

We strive to make positive changes everyday. Through challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box we are effective as a team

We have the freedom to do our jobs in the best way we can. We are responsible decision makers that take it personally and make things happen

We are genuine and care for our team, our customers, our suppliers and our environment. If we support one another we can jointly realise our true potential

Our Tastemakers

Charity & Community

We believe in giving back to charity and the community and run a wide range of local and international initiatives by investing our time, money and food to support those less fortunate than ourselves.

Kamal, with friends Bero and Neera; undertook a six day trek of The Great Wall of China.
On Tuesday 24th May, we attended and provided the meals for the annual parents evening.
Sharni Rigby (Quality and Compliance Manager UK) completed a gruelling 10 hour sledge pulling relay to help raise over £6000 for “Making Memories”
As part of our Chinese New Year Celebrations we had a special visit from an authentic Chinese dragon group from the village in China that Charlie Yu, head chef of Yu and You comes from